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au pair for family in Northamptonshire

G family – Au pair (Live in) driver, good English for family with 2 girls age 5 & 7.

The family live in the lovely village of Potterspury, Northamptonshire.

Duties include:  general childcare and household duties,  help getting the girls ready for school, prepare meals – the youngest daughter has some food allergies so care needed with food preparation, tidying, washing & ironing.

The family also have a live out nanny that works for them part time and does the school runs.

Pocket money:  £80 for 25-30 work per week plus use of car.

The mother works as a Finance Director and the father is a Mgmt Consultant.  START DATE:  Beginning of June for 12 months

If you are interested in this family please print the application form on www.theenglishcorner.fr and return it asap to us by e mail. We will also need you to provide us with the other necessary documents asap

You can alos contact us for help or to be sent the forms on info_at_theenglishcorner.fr

Famille néo zélandaise cherche jeune fille au pair 6 mois et +
Si vous êtes intéressée par cette offre au pair, merci de nous contacter sur info_at_theenglishcorner.fr ou vous pouvez aussi télécharger le dossier d’inscription sur www.theenglishcorner.fr
Hi there,
My husband (Rick) and I live in the beautiful beachside town of Orewa, Auckland, NZ. We have 2 boys, Brodie is turning 1 year old this week and Ethan is almost 3 years old. We currently have an Au Pair from Germany who has become part of our family. Sadly she will be leaving us on the 6th May, and we are looking for another Au Pair to fill in when she leaves. We live 8 minutes walk to beach and shops, and have a 5 bedroom, plus study house. The Au Pair will have their own room, share the downstairs bathroom with the kids, we also have a seperate playroom/lounge with tv and couches. The Au Pair can spend time in there in the evenings, or with us in the lounge.
Rick is 31 and a self employed builder – enjoys surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, motorcross and has recently joined the coastguard, Heidi is 32 and a Sales Rep – enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, spending time at the beach/park. We have been happily married for 6 years and enjoy doing things together in the weekends. Ethan adores his little brother, is toilet trained, loves playing with his friends, riding his bike, kindergarden, the beach and the park. Brodie has just started walking, loves smiling, playing with his big brother, sleeps through the night and is a great eater!
We require someone who loves kids, has had experience with them, preferably someone who has cared for 1 year olds before. They will do light housework downstairs once a week, clean boys clothes and put away, plus keep their rooms tidy. We will need the Au Pair to look after them Mon, Tues & Thurs for 10 hours a day. We would like someone who is bubbly, enthusiastic and really enjoys playing with children and teaching them new things.  We can pay NZ$180 per week (after tax) and are willing to pay NZ$500 towards their return airfare.
Many thanks,
Heidi May
West Sussex job for boy

Boy Au pair (Live in) driver for active elderly couple living in Birdham, West Sussex (rural countryside location, 3 miles from Chicester and 4 miles from the sea).  They are looking for someone over the age of 24 yrs who preferably also has some experience with computers.  They may also be getting a dog (Spaniel).

Duties include:  All household duties, keeping the living room hoovered and tidy – emptying all waste paper baskets, hoovering the hall and staircase, keeping the work surfaces in the kitchen clean, putting out waste paper and bins – the husband does this as well – the boy has his own bedroom to look after and the bathroom he uses – mostly the couple change their own bed sheets and hoover themselves (the family also have a live out cleaner that comes in as and when needed), light ironing, helping with cooking in the evenings i.e preparing vegetables, manipulating saucepans (due to surgery 12 years ago the lady is unable to lift anything very heavy), help with feeding the dog when the couple are away.

Salary:  £60 for 20-25 hours work per week, Sunday is free and Saturday most weeks but if they are entertaining, the au pair may be asked to help in the evening. Either Tuesdays or Wednesdays also free plus use of car and the opportunity for extra work on the side or another part time job.

Bicycles are also available for use.  The husband is retired but is a keen photographer and the wife is a Chairman of a charity (office is in the house and many people come and go so they au pair will be meeting people of all ages).

START DATE:  ASAP for 6 months

If you are interested in this position please do register with us by completeing the application form and contact us on info_at_theenglishcorner.fr

Aperçu de certaines familles irlandaises disponibles actuellement (11/03/2010)

Si vous êtes intéressée par l’une de ces familles, merci de bien vouloir compléter notre fiche d’inscription, de nous l’envoyer par e mail en rassemblant un maximum de documents demandés en fin de fiche d’inscription afin de bloquer la famille et de proposer votre profil rapidement.

Les formulaires sont imprimables directement de notre site internet www.theenglishcorner.fr, rubrique formulaires. Vous pouvez aussi nous appeler pour que l’on vous envoie ces formulaires  par la poste ou par courrier.

Family BU – Northern Ireland (Seaside) = 3 kids (6,3,1.5), Needed immediately – short or long term – Age 20+..

Family BU live in Newcastle, County Down in Northern Ireland which is about 25 miles south of Belfast on the coast – this is a seaside town that is very popular in the summer time and is backed by the spectacular Mourne Mountains.  The family have 3 children  – 2 at school and one at home.  Mother works part-time and does the school collection of children etc.

They need an au pair to work only 4 days per week – The need an independent sort of girl who is outgoing.  Someone who can work without supervision and who has some child care experience.  Driver not needed and restricted smoker accepted.  Would prefer someone for a year who would be brought to Spain for summer holidays ….

Smoker:  Yes accept restricted smoker

Driver: not necessary

Au pair age:  20years plus

Language schools nearby:  yes

Working days:  4 per week

Free Days:        3 per week

Wages:               £70.00 per week (= Euro 90)

Au Pair Needed:    MARCH till end of Summer OR for a year+

Family BR – AVOCA – Co. Wicklow = Kids 1(16 months) Driver, Non Smoker, needed now – long term if possible.

Family BR are a young married couple with a 16 month old toddler and they are expecting another baby in July 2010 but both parents work at the moment and the need a responsible au pair to care for their daughter Mon-Fri during working hours.  Age 19-24 years with good child care experience.  They live in an estate of houses in the town of Avoca, which is south of Dublin on the coast beside the wonderful Wicklow moutains and lakes (The garden of Ireland) and close to the sea. Wiclow town is a busy place with plenty of young people. The au pair can have the use of a car for social purposes.

Smoker:                  total non smoker required.

Driver:                    Not essential but use of car for social purposes

Au pair age:       19-25 years

Language schools:  Must be night classes or weekend classes – to advise.

Working Days:      Mon-Fri

Free Days:                Every weekend.

Wages:                       Euro 130 per week.

Au pair needed:     March/April 2010 long term (might consider short term).

Family FI – Naas, Co Kildare – Kids = baby born Feb 2010 – , Non Smoker, Age 22 yrs+, child care experience essential. Needed Immed.

Hannah and John FI live on a horse farm outside the busy  town of NAAS which is only 20 kms from Dublin.  They have a new small baby and they would like an au pair to start as soon as possible to help care for this young child.  The mother will return to work in 5 months.  They live on a lovely horse farm and there are several other young people working there with horses – they would prefer a driver 23 years or over  but this is not essential.  Naas is a busy town with good access to Dublin by bus and train.

Smoke:        Total non smoker required

Driver:        not essential but must be over 23 if they want to drive

Au pair age:   21 plus but must have child care experience.

Language schools:   Yes in Naas or in Dublin

Working Days:    5 per week – some flexibility needed

Free days:  2 per week – some flexibility needed

Wages:   Euro 100 for 30 hours and sometimes Euro 150 for 45 hour week.

Au pair Needed:  March for as long as possible….

FAMILY FO – Kilrush, Co. Clare. = Kids 2 (6ys + 6 mts) Driver 21 yrs+, Restricted Smoker,

Stef and Patrick FO live in the west of Ireland practically on the Atlantic Coast just minutes from the holiday town of KILKEE.  This is a beautiful area of Ireland – very busy in the Easter and Summer time with lots of visitors.  The family own a Pub and they have a busy life style – they also have 2 riding horses for applicants who like riding and animals – they have 2 kids – Boy or 6 years and a girl of 8 months and they need a lively, nice, caring au pair to care for the childlren when the parents are busy.

The family like  sea, swimming, and water sports as well as horses and the father trains the female foot ball team in the town…driving is part of the duties.

Smoker:  away from the children

Driver:  yes – driver needed over 21 years who can drive the children.

Au Pair Age:  21 years plus

Language schools:  Yes in Ennis town about 20 miles

Working Days:  4.5/5  per week

Free days:  Sunday and Monday and other half day per week

Wages:  E100-120 per week

Au pair Needed:  Immediately either short or long term…..

FAMILY FO T.J. AND STEPHANIE – Bagnelstown, Co Carlow, = Kids 4 (12,8,6,4)  Smoker ok, non driver.

Stephanie and T.J. FO live in the midlands in Bagnalstown which is near the towns of CARLOW and KILKENNY.    They have 4 children, all at school and mother works as a beaty therapist locally so they need someoone to be home when the children come back from school. they have horses so someone interested in these animals would be nice. Kilkenny is a fantastic heritage city and is a bus ride away and Carlow is a university town with lots of young people

Smoker:  OK

Driver:  Not needed

Au pair age: 18 plus

Language schools:  Yes in Carlow and Kilkenny

Working Days:  5 per week

Free days:  Sunday and Tuesday

Wages:  Euro 120

Au Pair Needed:   IMMEDIATELY long or short term.

FAMILY LA, Kilkenny, = kids 4 (8,6,4,1.8 yrs), non driver, Farm with horses.

Tina and Peter LA live on a farm in Inistigoe near the city of KILKENNY.  they have 4 children – 3 at school and a toddler aged 1.8 yrs at home.

Mother is a lecturer and the father is at home working the farm – they also have horses.   This is a nice part of Ireland in the midlands and there are several larger towns nearby.  They need a nice, kind reliable girl to care for the children after school and for the smaller child when the mother is working – college hours.

Smoker:  Non smoker please

Driver:  not necessary

Au pair age:  20+ with child care experience

Language schools:  yes in Kilkenny

Working days: 35 hours per week usually Mon-Fri

Free days:  Usually weekends Sat and Sun

Wages:  Euro 120

Au pair needed:   Immdiately till end of summer or longer.

FAMILY PO – Co. Meath, = Kids 3 ( 13, 11,8), Driver an advantage, Family has horses and ponies., Restricted smoker.

Atty PO is an artist and her husband is a banker and works in London 3-4 days per week,  They have 3 children – one is at boarding school during the week.

They have a large house in the countryside and need an independent and outgoing au pair who likes country life and horses and children……a Driver is a great advantage although not essential – they have a ‘scooter(moped)’ which the au pair can use.   They live near the town of NAVAN which is about 35 miles from Dublin by bus.

There are several other towns in the area but they do live on a farm…and country life is what it is about.  This family have horses and ponies and would like a girl who can ride and can take the children riding if possible.

Smoker:  yes but not near the children

Driver:  Yes if possible but not absolutely essential – family offer a scooter for the au pair

Au pair Age:  21-22 plus – need independent sort of girl

Language school:  yes

Working Days:  5 per week

Free days:  Weekends usually

Au pair needed:  04 April 2010 till end of Summer or long term…

Wages:  Euro 150+ per week.

FAMILY QU – Westport, Co Mayo.  =Kids 2 (2.5 and 6 mts) – Non Smoker – Live in Town

Rose and Sean QU live in the lovely town of WESTPORT which is on the west coast of Ireland north of Galway and on the Atlantic Ocean.

They have 2 children and the  mother is currently on Maternity leave till Sept 2010.  They need  a second pair of hands’ to help with their 2 children and they live in a lovely house just in the sububs of the town – they would prefer a non smoker and don’t need a driver.  They are surrounded by other houses and there are other au pairs in the locality and language classes are available.

Smoker:  perfer total non smoker

Driver:  Not needed

Au pair age:  20+

Language schools:  yes locally

Working days :  5 per week

Free days:   One weekend and one mid week.

Au pair needed:   Immmediately till Summer or longer.

Wages:  Euro 100+ and perhaps more after some time.

FAMILY SA – Ennis – Co. Clare = Kids 8 but help needed with younger children only – Driver an advantage – Non smoker.

Geraldine SA is Irish and was married to an American man and she has returned from the states with her children 6 months ago..who are aged

13, 12, 9, 8, 6, 4, 2 and she needs help with the smaller non school going children.  She lives in a nice town called Ennis which is between Limerick city and the Atlantic coast to the west of Ireland.  Geraldine has family living nearby and the children enjoy all sorts of sports and like music.  they need a kind, energetic girl who loves children to come to stay with them for a few months.  This is a practising catholic family and the kids also speak Spanish

Smoker:  prefer not

Driver:  Would be a great help although not essential

Au pair age:  23 years plus

Language schools:  yes

Working days:  5 per week

Free days:  on at weekend and one during week.

Au pair needed:   Immediately for short or long stay.

Wages:  Euro 120 p.w.

FAMILY SC – Navan, Co. Meath.  = 1 child aged 1 year – Driver esssential – non smoker – long term applicant.

Evan and John SC live in County Meath near the busy town of Navan which is 35 miles from Dublin by local bus.  They have a 1 year old daughter and need a kind and reliable au pair to care for their daughter when they are working.  They would like a driver who is 23 years or older and who has child care experience.

Mother works full time 3 days per week and other days from office in home – father works 2 days from home office also.  They are interested in all sports and go to the gym locally.    They would prefer a long term applicant to look after their daughter

Smoker:  non smoker please

Driver:  Yes

Au pair age:  23 years plus

Language schools:  yes

Working days:  Mon-Fri

Free days:  Weekends

Au pair needed:  Immediately for long or short term

Wages:  Euro 150 p.w.

FAMILY WA, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny = Kids 3 (5, 3.5 and 1) Driver(desirable) restricted smoker, Farming family

Mary and Patrick WA live on a farm in midlands near the heritage city of Kilkenny.  Mary is a nurse (Midwife) and Padraig is a farmer and they have 3 young children aged 1, 3.5 and 5 years and they need a kind, reliable au pair to care for the children on the days that the mother is working and to be there when the children come home from school.  Kilkenny is a beautiful city with a huge castle and plenty of young people – there are several ‘events’ help in the city every summer and it is a very popular place for tourists.  Padraig is a farmer and is at home working the farm and the grandparents live next door.

Smoker:  no

Au pair age:  21 +

Language schools:  yes

Working days:  Mon to Fri

Free days:  Sat and Sun.

Au pair needed:  April for 9-12 months.

Wages:   E 100+

FAMILY WH, Gorey, Co. Wexford = Kids 3 (9, 2.6, 1.4 yrs)  Driver, 21yrs +, Non Smoker.

Nessa and Mark WH live in the south east of Ireland in the town of GOREY, not far from the city of WEXFORD.  This is technically the warmest part of Ireland and is on the coast.  They have 3 children – 2 toddlers under 3 years and a 9 year old.  They need a reliable and kind aupair to care for the children when the parents are working – both work in the Health care industry – the father is a male nurse and the mother is a Human resource Officer. Mother works part time.  Gorey is a lovely town near the sea with plenty for young people to do – the family like swimming and walking on the beach and look forward to a girl who can drive as part of their duties .

Smoker:  No

Driver:  Yes – Essential over 21 years

Driver:  Yes

Age of au pair:  21+

Language schools:  yes in Kilkenny

Working days:  Sometimes 4 days – sometimes 5 depends on mothers working hours.

Free days:  2 and sometimes 3 per week.

Au Pair Needed:  April 2010 for short or long stay.

Wages:  E 120 p.w.


FAMILY MC AR – Dublin 18,  = Kids 3 (11,9, 1.8 yrs)  Driver, Non Smoker, Start Aug/Sept 2010 for 9 months.

Donna Mc AR is a part time mental health worker and her husband is a police officer and they have 3 children and they live in the outer suburbs of Dublin to the south near the Dublin hills.  2 of the children are at school till 1500 hrs and the baby is at home all day.  Donnna works part time and her husband works ‘shift’ hours – sometimes nights and sometimes days so they need a girl to be at home when the children return from school  and they need a driver to do the ‘school run’ and to bring the children to sports etc.

Smoker:  No

Driver:  Yes and must be over 23 to drive car.

Au pair age:  23 +

Language Schools:  yes lots in Dublin

Working Days:   Monday-Friday

Free days:  Weekends

Au Pair needed:  Aug/Sept long term

Wages:  Euro 100+

FAMILY MC MA – Arklow, Co Wicklow, = Kids 1 girl aged 2 years. Restricted Smoker.

Tuula and Gordon live in “the garden of Ireland” in Avoca which is about 40 miles south of Dublin on the coast.  They have 1 child and need a nice girl to care for their daughter when the mother is working part time (3 days per week).  Co. Wicklow is truly beautiful with mountains and lakes and the sea close by.  Tuula is Finnish and also speaks German but English is also spoken in the home.  They would like a nice fun but responsible girl to care for their daughter – age is not important so long as the applicant has some experience of children.

Smoker:  Away from the child only

Driver: not needed

Au Pair age:  18 + but with some child care experience

Language schools:  yes in Gorey

Working Days:  4 days x 8 hours when mother is working

Free days:  Fri, Sat and Sunday

Au pair needed:    July 2010 for 9-12 months

Wages:  E 100

Poste au pair disponible immédiatement- Irlande

Family B would be happy to welcome an au pair as soon as possible for a 6 months duration

They live in the countryside in Ballymahon, county Longford

Mum is a pharmacist and dad an architect

Mum works 3 to 4 days per week (2 saturdays per month) and has a flexible time table that the au pair needs to adapt to

children are 7, 3, 4.5 and 1.5, 3 girls and 1 little boy

The 3 girls go to primary and pre school, their little brother goes to nursery 3 days per week until 1.00pm

Mum needs help with this little family 30 hours per week for a total of 90€ pocket money per week.

Driver is needed and if possible applicant should be 20/ 25 years old

Nearest small town is 8kms away, big town 25 minutes drive away with English classes.

Si vous êtes intéressée par cette famille et afin de la bloquer merci de compléter notre fiche d’inscription et de rassembler le maximum de documents demandés en fin de fiche d’inscription. Vous pourrez nous envoyer votre candidature par e mail à info_at_theenglishcorner.fr afin que nous puissions la présenter rapidement à la famille.

site intéressant sur les démarches à effectuer avant de partir dans des pays d’Europe

MONETOS est un site intéressant pour tout savoir sur les démarches à effectuer avant de partir à l’étranger mais aussi pour connaître les démarches à faire sur place pour trouver un médecin ou bien ouvrir un compte en banque.

MONETOS est un portail d’informations financières international ainsi qu’une source pour vous aider dans vos formalités administratives.

MONETOS is an interesting site if you intend to travel to Europe. You will find some information on how to get medical assistance, how to open a bank account etc

Famille anglaise recherche sa jeune fille au pair- Oxfordshire

LD family – Au pair (Live in) Driver preferred but not essential for family with 2 boys age 4 (at school) & 2 (at nursery 1 1/2 days a week).

The family live in the village of Souldern, Oxfordshire which is located equidistance between Bicester and Banbury.

They would like someone over the age of 22 years old.  They also have a small dog (Jack Russell) and keep pigs and sheep in the spring-summer.

Duties include:  General childcare and household duties, they would like the au pair to work 2 hours in the morning to help the boys get ready for school/ nursery and tidy up, and 3 hours in the afternoon. Aprox 4-7pm.

Weekends mainly Saturday mornings only but not every weekend – if they work at weekends then they will have the time off during the week.

On Mondays and Wednesday they do not really need much help. They would like the au pair to be flexible with them and they will be flexible with her too and they can work things around courses.  But some weeks hours may vary.

The family already have a cleaner.

Pocket money:  £70 for 25 hours work per week.  The mother is an artist/ interior designer and the father works as an education consultant.

START DATE:  ASAP for 12 months

Au pair en Australie à Sydney

Avons placé des jeunes filles avec ces familles. Ces postes ne sont donc plus disponibles

Family T:

start date: 20/3/10 ,

period of stay: 6-12 months,

No of children: 2 children 4yr old & 20 months (would be slightly older),

Hours: 24hrs over 4 days

Weekly pay: $160

Drivers Licence: preferable not totally necessary

Family W: (they are interviewing 2 candidates at the moment)

start date: 01/3/10 ,

period of stay: 4-6 months,

No of children: 3 children, 3.5yr old & 2yr twins (would be slightly older),

Hours: 24hrs

Weekly pay: $150

Drivers Licence: preferable not totally necessary

Famille anglo australienne cherche jf au pair
Voici une offre mise à jour aujourd’hui par notre bureau de Londres:

La famille Jade recherche jeune fille au pair + (mother’s help)

nb d’heures semaine: 35
argent de poche semaine: £120

localité: Stansted Abbot, Essex
enfants: 2 petits de 1 et 2 ans
profession des parents: consultante/ charpentier

Conductrice essentielle

Début du séjour: le plus rapidement possible

responsabilités:”mainly looking after the kids and anything to do with them, from feeding, cleaning up after them, nappy changing, washing their clothes, folding them and putting them away, keeping their play rooms clean and tidy once finish using the rooms, do their bedding etc.”

hébergement: “you will have your own room, access to internet, wardrobes, share bathroom mainly with the babies, your own tv.
We live in a 4-5bd semi detached house with a decent size backyard. Its fully renovated inside and an extension has recently been completed. Therefore it’s modern and there is new wooden flooring throughout the house.”