Mark va se former à Exeter- Teacher training for Mark in Exeter

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IPC – Integrity, Professionalism, Collaboration


At IPC we sincerely believe in your continuing professional development. We design courses that respond to your needs. We strive to create an atmosphere which is friendly and caring and supports you in a safe and secure learning environment. Studying here in Exeter will enhance your personal language development, as you will be immersed in both the language and the culture.


Our trainers are highly qualified professionals with a wide experience of teaching and learning in a variety of contexts, both overseas and in the UK. We believe in life-long learning. Our courses focus on your needs as reflective teaching practitioners. We use varied and creative methodologies that are motivating, challenging and fun. We expect you to leave our courses with a range of new ideas and renewed enthusiasm. The trainers you meet will be warm, friendly and supportive and will ensure you enjoy your stay in Exeter.


Our school ethos maintains that co-operation enhances the learning experience. We encourage group work and offer opportunities for participants to share ideas, experiences and resources. We encourage our teachers to develop long-lasting relationships with colleagues from all over the EU. This enables you to establish networks of friendship and professional support long after you leave IPC.