famille recherchant une jeune fille au pair rapidement- sud ouest Londres

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Voici une lettre de présentation d’une famille recherchant une jeune fille au pair rapidement. Si vous êtes intéressée merci de bien vouloir nous contacter sur info_at_theenglishcorner.fr afin que l’on vous aide à monter un dossier d’inscription pour partir au pair. Cette famille recherche une jeune fille pour une longue durée (6 mois et +)

Dear Aupair,

We are a vibrant and fun family with 2 children and 1 baby due in April. Our 5 year old girl is called Gigi and our son Gabriel is 18 months old. Our children are active and have lovely open minds. They enjoy being outdoors, playing, swimming, and doing art and music. We tend not to watch TV but prefer to do things that are creative whether reading or arts, or simply going for a walk.

Louis and I (Chantal) are active parents and involved in our children’s lives. We are supportive of their activities and positively encourage them in everything they do.

Our house has 5 bedrooms and lots of areas for play and living. Our kitchen and dining area is the hub of our home and opens onto our sizeable garden.

We live in Chiswick, south west London, and our home is close to all main transport links (tube 10 minutes walk, buses 3 minutes walk). Our main high street is 2 minutes away with shops, gyms etc. There are a number of English language schools locally as well.

We are looking for someone who is energetic and outgoing and able to make friends easily with other nannies. This is to ensure the children have a vibrant social life. We would work well with an au pair who is flexible and does not need to be supervised constantly to perform their duties or strictly adheres to a job description.

We would like our au pair to be a part of our family but have their own interests outside the family. They will have self-contained accommodation so that they have private space away from our family and in order to develop their own interests/hobbies.

Duties will include the care of the children (including cooking, laundry, travel to school/activities), babysitting and keeping our home tidy. We would like our children to have French lessons as well. We expect our children to be well mannered and encouraged to be respectful of others.

Our au pair will represent our family outside our home and we expect that they will be punctual and professional at all times.

We look forward to meeting you and finding out more about you.

Yours sincerely,

Chantal and Louis