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This family is looking for an au pair girl to start in January 2011.

If you are interested please contact us via  our contact page on

Family details:

We are Joanne and Niall  and we live in Belfast with our 3 year old son Conrad. We are expecting a new baby around the 11th Jan 2011 and we are looking for an au pair to come and help us during the first 3 months of our new baby’s arrival.

My husband Niall and I own and run a small business in Belfast which means that we both work. Niall works as a chef and can be at work from 9am to 11.30pm 5-6 days a week and I work 3 days from an office at home as well as being out at meetings on these days.

We live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and our house is on the main bus route into Belfast city centre. Belfast is a small friendly city and has good gyms, cinemas, theatres and bars and restaurants. It has two universities and one large further education college all within the city centre.

Our son Conrad who is 3 attends a local crèche 3 days a week, a 10 minute walk from our home. He attends from 9am and is usually picked up and home by 4pm. We tend to eat dinner early between 4pm and 5pm and then relax and paint, colour or watch cartoons. Bed time is 7.30pm and this entails teeth brushing and reading. Conrad enjoys swimming and is enrolled in swim classes and football classes.

We are expecting our second child on Jan 11 and we are ideally looking for someone to help out at home looking after the baby during the day both Niall and I will be working. I intend to breastfeed the baby during its early months so I am planning to never to be too far away but need the flexibility to be able to complete work tasks as well as attend meetings. Niall is usually off 2 days per week and we tend to see family and friends at this time as well as go to the local park, museum and cinema with Conrad.

We are ideally looking for someone with experience of looking after a new born and also having the ability to interact and entertain and toddler. Conrad attends a local Mothers and Toddlers group once a week.

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