jeune fille au pair en Australie ou en Nouvelle Zélande, familles disponibles

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Voici un échantillon des familles cherchant une jeune fille au pair, merci de nous contacter par le biais de notre formulaire contact sur notre site internet si vous êtes intéressée.

FAMILY NAME Arrival /start date Aupair requirments /info Area For how long # of kids Ages Hours d/license $ pwk

Ingham. Would like French applicant but open to others Dec -can wait until Feb 11 Wnts french app.Must speak GOOD english & have good experience. . Looking after the older children driving to and from kindergarten and childcare, swimming lessons, ballet, getting children ready, preparing breakfast and lunches for children. Tidying & clean up after children. Responsible & caring, outgoing, non smoker. Be able to manage two young and busy children. Be able to drive. non smoker Armadale, Melbourne 6-10 months 3 4,2 New born 15/11/10 30 yes $200,00
January 11 onwards placements

Australian families

Blythe Would like French applicant but open to others 30/01/2011 would prefer french as can speak some french. Open to other nationalites as long as speak good english. Good under two KNOWLEDGE & experience, Older applicant MOTHERS HELPER! Preparing meals, shopping, looking after children, laundry, tidying up. Must be fun loving, active, flexible, positive, private, respectful musical, artistic, sporty , driver, non smoker South Melb, Melbourne 6-10 months 2 2yrs, 22 weeks 45 yes $270,00
de Fombelle FRENCH APPLICANT ONLY 14/02/2010 Wants French applicant only. Must have toddler and baby experiencecare of two children, help with meal preperation & light cleaning. Must be neat & tidy person. Calm, confident, outgoing, happy and love children. Must drive, non smoker Curtin, Canberra 6 months 2 22mnths, 8 mnths 40 yes $250,00
Dedic-Hagan mid late Mar 11 want older girl (20 upwards) good experience with toddlers. Must speak good english. Childminding, taking to and from activities, assist with meal prep, bathing bedtime. Light house duties , laundry, tidying up. Responsible & loving toiwards children, sense of fun and creativity.want to be part of family. outgoiong & sporty. non smoker & driver Viewbank Melbourne 8-10months 2 4yrs, 2yrs 35 yes $200,00
Jones WOULD LIKE FRENCH APPLICANT, but open to others 23/01/2011 would prefer French applicant as lives close to de Fombelle family. Would like a practising christian if possible. Look after3 kids take chilren to school and activities. Prepare their meals, children’s laundry, tyding up and vacum play area. Be friendly reliable and positive, need lots of energy, be sporty. , Driver & non smoker Rivett Canberra 6 months 3 1yr, 5yrs, 3.5yrs 53 yes $330,00
Mirabella Would like German applicant 15/01/2011 Like German applicant. must be good driver as some long distance driving involved.Will have good opportunity to travel as Host mom is a politician. Live on Farm on outer suburbs of city. Must have under 2 and toddler experience. Enjoy outdoors and be sporty. someone bright & intellegent. non smoker & driver Farm on outer suburbs of Country Town. Wangaratta, East Victoria 6 months 3 13yrs, 2.5yr, 6months 50 yes $300
Nichols 01/03/2011 Look at Male and Female Aupair. Looking after children. Taking to and from childcare, supervision of children activites. Light house duties tidying up, laundry, dishwasher, vacuuming. Would suit someone that is happy to live on farm and likes horses. Optional to get involved with farm actitivies. Must be honest, trustworthy, reliable have good sense of humour , hardworking and easygoing. sporty, outdoors. non smoker Driver Farm on outer suburbs of Country town, Dunkeld Victoria 6 -12 months 2 4yr,1yr 30-35 yes $250
Offer 24/01/2011 Look at Male or female aupair. Must havbe experience with under twos. Supervision of children for school day. Take childrento school/playgroup/kids activities. Assistance with meal prep and tyding up. Should be active and like poutdoors lifestyle – caping hiking. adventurous, outgoing personality. good if musical. Driver, non smoker, Driver Darwin 6 months 3 5,3,1yr 35 yes $200
Rutz Wants Germany applicant only 01/01/2010 german girl, Must have good baby experience, careing for baby while parents working or while mom studies. Help with light housework. Shouls be caring, responsible, have good communications, outgoing. Dont need driver. Non smoker Moorooka, Brisbane 6 months 1 8mnths 25-30 no $150-$180
Taylor 14/02/2011 Live on lifestyle block in outer suburbs of city of Ipswich. Would be good if aupair liked Horseriding, animales & farm style living. Should be outdoors person, mature and have comon sense. Full care of toddler 3 days a week. Ipswich (nxt to Brisbane) Queensland 6 months 2 14yrs 2.5yrs 30-40 yes/no $180-$240
Tonkin 3-10 /01/2011 Must have good under two experience & knowledge. Be primary carer for older child and mothers help for baby. Be responsible and mature. Be very concious and thoughtful of children’s safety. Friendly good sense of humour know way around kitchen and can cook. Non smoker & driver Chelmer, Brisbane Queensland 6 months 2 22mnth 5mnths 35 yes $200

NZ families

Cawley mid-feb single working mom. Asist with care & education of 8yr old. Light housekeeping, taking and fetch from school & activities. Planning activties during scholl holidays. Meal preperation. Should love animals as live on farm life style block in outer suburbs of city of Fielding. be happy to walk dog and feed rabit/ducks. Be outgoing, good sense of humour, calm, independant, flexible,kind, reliable puntual. Non smoker & driver farm life style block in outer suburbs of city of Fielding Nrth Island 9-12months 1 8 15-20 yes $170