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job in Australia

a family of 4 children 11,9,6, & 4 is looking for house chores and childcare help. All children attend school / kinder during the day. The mom currently has an older live out housekeeper/mothers help who needs to be replaced. She works a 40 hour week. Her duties are 50% housework and 50% child assistance. House work would be cleaning up kitchen after breakfast, tiding up rooms, doing children’s and Moms laundry and ironing, preparing meals, preparing veggies or salads for meals, basically run the house while the mother and children are out in the morning. When the children come home from school at 3.30, take over the duties for the children.

If you are interested please contact us via our contact page on www.theenglishcorner.fr. You will need to fill in an application so that we can submit it to the family

Au pair en Australie à Sydney

Avons placé des jeunes filles avec ces familles. Ces postes ne sont donc plus disponibles

Family T:

start date: 20/3/10 ,

period of stay: 6-12 months,

No of children: 2 children 4yr old & 20 months (would be slightly older),

Hours: 24hrs over 4 days

Weekly pay: $160

Drivers Licence: preferable not totally necessary

Family W: (they are interviewing 2 candidates at the moment)

start date: 01/3/10 ,

period of stay: 4-6 months,

No of children: 3 children, 3.5yr old & 2yr twins (would be slightly older),

Hours: 24hrs

Weekly pay: $150

Drivers Licence: preferable not totally necessary