Volunteering programme full board accommodation included

Volunteering is a unique experience as you are able to discover new countries that really need you. We place our applicants in Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania. We work with NGOs and a local coordinator that will provide support throughout your stay.

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in various regions. We have high quality placements in teaching, orphanage work, sports education, HIV/Aids awareness, work with Local NGOs and medical placements in both urban and rural parts of Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa.

When and how long ?

Our placements starts any date of your choice, however orientation runs on the 1st and 15th of each month. Our volunteer can willingly choose to volunteer from two weeks to 12 months. Let us know if you would like to volunteer more than 12 months.

Requirements and application

Any Volunteers aged 18 years and above at the beginning of the program qualify to apply.

Projects start on the 1st and 15th of every month. However you can join anytime depending with your schedule.

You just need:

  • to complete the application form that you can also find in the ‘how to apply’ page
  • a medical certificate specifying that you are fit to work abroad
  • a criminal record clearance (this can be sent separetely if it takes some time for you to obtain one)
  • to enclose the fees with the application (please see below the ‘how to pay’section)
  • a passport photograph to attach to the application form

School projects

Experience real local life through our Teaching placements: local community schools, public schools, private schools, and orphanage schools. Schools are understaffed, there is raising need of new volunteers to join teaching from day to day. As volunteer you can teach various subjects of you choice including – English, Math, computers/IT, music, Science, Social Studies, drama, Art,Physical Education and others. Volunteer is free to choose any subject of his/her choice to teach At a start, our volunteers work alongside other teachers and later can work by themselves if they wish. Volunteers can also organize classes to teach English to Teachers. Furthermore, volunteers can join orphanage, childcare programs during school breaks. Our volunteers feel very needed and respected in our teaching projects.You will also be asked to give a helpful hand with school administration and/ or any chores related to easy school maintenace.

Orphanage projects

Orphanage Work We work with orphanages owned by local villages, individuals, charities and churches. The high incidences of poverty and illness orphanages host 50-200 children in these centers. This number, always demands for more volunteer assistance. As a volunteer, you will help in general work and daily activities from 8:00am to 4:00pm. NB-Time vary from one orphanage to another. Volunteer duties includes, helping in cooking, feeding young orphans, participate in cleaning of the orphanage homes, teaching conversational English, teaching other subjects of your interest such as maths, drawing, arts, etc. organizing games, organizing study tours with the children and much more!

Hospital projects

We work with the best clinics and hospitals to offer support to Healthcare centres Tanzania is neither easily accessible nor affordable. Various reasons including poverty creates a large barrier to the acquisition of healthcare in general. We work with village, district, and regional clinics, dispensaries and hospitals in Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa making us to be unique in placing medical volunteers. The hospitals and clinics are carefully chosen to offer volunteers the best medical experiences in their specialties. These dispensaries and hospitals have very basic equipment and facilities. As a volunteer you can join any departments of your choice such as Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Radiology, Pathology, A&E and general medical wards. To insure maximum experience to our volunteers, we have qualified medical doctors to supervise our volunteers. Volunteers are placed in a hospital or dispensary based on previous medical training and experience. If you have no experience, we will try to offer you a volunteer project that does not involve too much qualification.

Day Care projects

Would you like to work with 1 days-3 years old children? this is the program fit for you.In childcare projects, there are many roles volunteer can perform such as teaching, health care, gardening, organizing games and many more!. Children ages range from 1 day to 3 years old. Most of the Childcare homes hosts 20-70 children, and are understaffed-constantly looking for volunteers. The management at these children’s homes is progressive and believes in not just providing food, clothing and shelter to these children but also in providing a good quality of education, games, and cares these children. Working and living alongside local communities, understanding their challenges will give you the international exposure. Helping make a difference will add to your confidence. Most of all, the bond that you build with the children, staff and community is one that will enrich you and will be an experience you will cherish.

Our fees

Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania
Registration fee (not refundable) 80,00 €
2 weeks placement fee 830,00 €
4 weeks placement fee 1000,00 €
6 weeks placement fee 1 200,00 €
8 weeks placement fee 1400,00 €
12 weeks placement fee 1 800,00 €
More than 12 weeks Ask for quotation fee

Why pay to volunteer?

Traveling abroad is not easy! you still need to pay for living and meals apart of helping local people with your skills. You pay to cover your living and meals plus all logistics such as airport pickup, orientation management and the rest.

What do my program fees pay for?

  • Airport pickup
  • One day (2-4 hours) orientation
  • program supervision throughout your stay
  • full accommodation and meals during your whole stay-volunteer placement period
  • In-country 24/7 support
  • In-country administration costs
  • Language orientation and city tour for Tanzania mainly
  • A personal advisor who will follow work progress throughout the entire process
  • The possibility to participate in many fun social events. (Depending on the event some may have extra charges)
  • A coordinator that accompanies you to your workplace on the first visit
  • A certificate at the end of your working period

What additional costs will I have?

Visa (US$50 to US$100 depending to nationality, work permit (US$120 and is valid for 3 months), flights, travel insurance (recommended), vaccinations, souvenirs, trips or tours you do while in the country, transfer back to the airport from program, spending money (volunteers in Tanzania generally find US$20-30 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).

How do I pay

  • by bank transfer, please ask for our details
  • by euro cheque
  • by international postal order, please include voucher with your application form
  • by foreign cheque, please add up €20 to the placement/ registration fee as we are charged by our bank for processing foreign cheques

Refund policy

The flight tickets are not included in the fees, these are your own responsibilities but we can assist you with finding the best bargains.

The registration fee is not refundable, nor the bank charge fee

Refundable policy- placement fee

70% if cancellation at the latest 30 days before departure

60% if cancellation ocurs between 21 and 29 days before departure

50% if cancellation occurs between 14 days and 20 days before departure

No refund if cancellation occurs 0 to 13 days before departure or if the volunteer decides to return home earlier than the expected end of his mission.