Hotel jobs in Great Britain

Hotel placements in the UK 620€

Each year hundreds of Europeans decide they want to work in the Uk to gain working experience and improve their English at the same time.

Whatever the reason why you want to move to the UK, The English Corner and their partners will offer you a unique experience into British working life. All our placements take place in the UK either in town or in the countryside as well.

Please be flexible in terms of location so that we can place you easily and within the timeline that you have mentionned on the application form.

The positions:

  • waiter, waitress
  • concierge
  • chambermaid
  • réceptionist
  • barman
  • chef, cook
  • assistant cook

Wages and hours of work:

The wages are based on the « National Minimum Wage » which is:

£5.80 gross/hour for employees 22 years and over ( around 1000€/ month)

£4.83 gross/ hour for employees between 18 and 21

Many employers will pay more than the average minimum wage depending on English level and positions taken.

Working hours range from 39 to 40 hours per week. Extra hours are often paid in the UK.

Accommodation and meals:

there are various acommodation options:

  • You will be accommodated at the hotel and provided with meals during work hours. You might have to share a twin room. The rent will be deducted directly from your wages by the hotel (if there is a rent to pay, it will be a minimal amount)
  • You can also be accommodated in a shared house or with an English family, we will find a suitable accommodation and advise you on the rent to be paid directly to the owner (£100/ week approximately)


Outside working hours you will need to buy your own food.

Days off and holidays:

You will have 2 days off per week that will not necessarily be at the week ends

As for the holidays you are entitled to 4 weeks paid holidays for a 1 year stay, pro rata for shorter stays.

Castle Combe Manor

Our fees:

Registration fee not refundable Placement fee 6 months and more
80,00 € 620,00 € (that you can pay over 2 separate months if wanted)

What do you pay for

  • Prospecting, mailing, phoning employers, ads
  • negotiating working conditions
  • Placement
  • in country support from local coordinator
  • administration costs of application

To apply you need

  • the application form completed
  • references of former employers if you can provide some
  • criminal record check
  • medical certificate specifying that you can work abroad
  • a passport photograph to attach to first page of application form
  • a cover letter describing motivation and experience
  • a CV in English
  • to be a citizen from any EEC member state
  • to enclose payment in euro cheque :

Cheque 1: registration fee of 80€ not refundable and cashed in immediately

Cheque 2: placement fee of 620€ cashed in only when a placement will have been confirmed

How do I pay?

You can either pay by euro cheque, bank transfer (please ask for our bank details), international postal order or foreign cheque. For the last option please add up a bank fee of €20 with each payement as the bank charges this fee to process your cheque

Refund and cancellation policy

  • The trip to the UK is not included in the fees, it is your own responsibility but we can advise on cheap fares if needed.
  • Registration fee is not refundable
  • 2 months are roughly needed to find a position in the UK. If in the mantime you find work by yourself, please do advise us quickly so that we stop our research and proceed to refund of placement fee.
  • No refund will be done if you cancel your placement less than 4 weeks before your departure
  • 50% of placement fee will be refunded if you cancel no later than 5 weeks before departure
  • If a company cancels your placement we will either try to find a new placement or refund the placement fee in full depending on what you want to do.
  • No refund will be made if you decide to leave employment before the end of your contract for any reason whatsoever.

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