Au Pair programme in New Zealand

Au pair programme New Zealand 280€

Going to New Zeland is a wonderful experience of a life time. The families live in spacious houses where you will have your own room, you will live as part of the family or be more independent depending on what kind of family you are looking for

You will be responsible for caring for the children and all the house chores related to them. Most of the New Zeland families have a house keeper so heavy housework will not be required.

Your level of English must be good enough not to take any English lessons as New Zealand( and Australia) do not offer proper au pair classes suitable for an au pair timetable. We suggest you mix with the local community by taking part in social events, sport or any other activities and your English will improve drastically this way.

Conditions requested to apply for an au pair position in New Zealand

  • Be between the age of 18 and 30, single and childless
  • Be of a mature and independent type of person
  • Have a real love for children
  • Have 200 hours experience in chilcare (babysitting, camps, nursery, teachng, etc…). Caring for your brothers or sisters is not considered as childcare experience.
  • Have a clean driving licence
  • Be non smoker
  • Have a reasonable level of English
  • Obtain a visa in order to be officially allowed to work as an au pair (we will help you with that)
  • Be available for a small interview on the phone with us
  • Be available to talk to any prospective family who wants to talk to you.
  • Apply 3 months before required date of departure
  • Be able to pay for your plane return fare

Working conditions:

Au Pair in New Zealand
Number of hours per week 30 to 40 hours. Number of hours will be specified when we give you the details of the potential family.
Babysitting/ week 1 or 2 nights
Responsibilities The au pair cares for the children and child care related chores: taking to school, homework, meals, bath, activities, tidying up the child’s bedroom, hoovering the room, ironing the child’s clothes.

The au pair must be flexible as all the families are not the same and duties asked will vary from one family to another

Number of days off per week 2
Pocket money/ week NZ$150 [30 hours], NZ$180 [35 hours], NZ$200 [40 hours],
It seems that more and more families offer a bonus by the end of the stay, yet we cannot guarantee and plan ahead if this is going to be the case for you.
Holidays 2 weeks for a 12 months stay, 1 week for a 6 months to 10 months stay
Length of stay 6 months minimum but a lot of families require an au pair for a 10/ 12 months period

What we offer you:

The steps within our office to process your application:

  • we check all your documents and references
  • we translate from French into English the documents that need to be translated. For the other languages into English, please enclose a translation thank you
  • Call you for a short interview (30 minutes) in order to get a more specific comprehension of your profile
  • We send your vetted application to our partner who will introduce your application to the prospective families that are most likely to match most of your criteria.
  • Once a family has shown interest in your application, the partner agent will send us all the details and we will contact you to introduce the family details to you only if we feel the conditions offered are suitable for you.
  • The family calls you
  • If each party accepts each other then we send you all the information by e mail or post together with a confirmation letter and a booklet to read before departure
  • If you feel unhappy about the suggested family then we will continue searching a new one for you.
  • We will help you with visa procedures
  • You will need to send us the details of your travel arrangements so that we confirm with both agent and family date/time and place of arrival

In country support

  • As soon as the coordinator has been informed of your arrival he will make sure the family meets you
  • The coordinator will call you to see if you have settled well
  • The coordinator is always there for you, do not hesitate to call him if need be. d’aide
  • In case you feel unhappy with the family, the coordinator will help you sort out the situation and as a last resort offer you another family.
  • Other au pair contact details are given to you so that you can meet up and socialise as soon as you arrive.

To apply you need:

To fill in the all the forms that you will also find in the ‘how to apply’ section. The forms include:

  • application form
  • minimum 2 childcare references, 1 character reference, 1 parent reference and self assessment form (forms supplied)
  • 1 passport photograph to attach to application form
  • 1 medical certificate (form supplied)
  • 1 criminal record
  • a photo album (2 A4 sheets please, no more)
  • terms and conditions signed
  • your fees: 280 euros payable as follows:
  • 1- either by bank transfer to our account (please ask for our bank details)
    2- either by euro cheque
    3- either by International Postal order (dont forget to enclose with your application the voucher for our attention)
    4- or by foreign cheque (please add up 20€ for bank fees as they charge us for processing foreign cheques). Please make sure exchange rate is accurate and totalise 300€

Refund policy

  • Cancellation up to 60 days before departure : refund of 190 euros
  • Cancellation 30 to 59 days before departure: refund of 95 euros
  • 190 euros will be refunded if no family has been found 2 days before departure date unless you want us to continue our search for a family.
  • No refund is made if the au pair returns home earlier for any reason whatsoever.
  • Cancellation between 29 days and departure date : no refund

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